Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm still standing

Oh man, where to begin?  I know my last post was not very encouraging as I was in the thick of holiday stress.  Little did I know that 5 days after writing that post I found out my bf of 3.5 years was being unfaithful to me (not the first time) and so I lived like a gypsy for the remainder of 2011 and first week of 2012.  I found a great apartment to move with the two pups and began the tedious process of unpacking and organizing.
Two weeks ago one of my dogs started to refuse food and after a week of uncertainty- why is her spleen enlarged? why is she anemic? was it cancer?- the diagnosis and emergency treatment for immune mediated hemolytic anemia was in order.  Uncertainty lingered as she did not immediately respond to treatments- medication, followed by a blood transfusion, and finally an infusion to further calm down the immune response.  I was an emotional mess, not eating, sleeping or exercising well and yet had a job to still report to and a second, healthy dog to attend to.  Through excellent medical care and plenty of prayers she is back home and life seems to FINALLY be getting back to normal.
Well, as normal as cooking for one can be.  (Pro: brown rice and whole wheat pasta are back, red meat is out!  Con: I'm getting tired of eating 3 days of leftovers from one meal and washing all the pots and pans).  Now I will need to concentrate my kitchen efforts on fresh, tasty, balanced meals for one.  Any ideas?


  1. Welcome back Erica!! Cooking for one? I haven't done that in a while. Cooking for a toddler? Now we can talk....

  2. Wow- so glad your puppy is okay! Hmmm...ideas. Let' see- How about have a cooking day on Sunday- make all of your favs and then freeze so you have a variety. I actually just ordered a Vitamix blender over here to add some spice (or should I say more fruits and veggies) to my life- should be here any day now- can't wait!

  3. Regarding " Any ideas? " - Uses Salads and and soy supplements. I see a vegan diet starting here, so at least for the first week avoid going to restaurants. The flavors and seeing meet dishes can break your vegan diet start. Goof luck

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  5. Bravo...This inspires me and god knows I need all the motivation I can get these days...